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What Is The University of Wiki?Edit

The University of Wiki is an online K-12 + College Educational resource that anyone can join, edit, and benefit from. My current plan for it is to have free, community-maintained full-featured course plans, textbooks, activities, etc. that any school would have, with two large differences.

First off, the University of Wiki is not a school. It is a place for eager minds, both young and old, to expand their sphere of knowledge WILLINGLY. There are to be no set course dates, no deadlines, no restriction whatsoever on the content.

The second difference is that the University of Wiki will not, nor will it ever, earn you any sort of official degree. If you want official recognition for your work you will still need to go through grade school and through college.

The first purpose of UW is to provide (unofficial) course-quality teachings to anyone who wants to learn about new things but don't have the money nor the time to devote themselves to a full class. The second purpose of UW is to provide a place where students can go to tutor themselves further on the subjects they are already being taught in the school they attend.

It is my hope that one day, teachers and writers and professors will come together and create textbooks, courses, and all kinds of teaching material that will be available for free, to young and old, and UW is the first step in this direction.

If you feel that you can contribute but aren't sure where to start, leave me a message on my talk page.

With fondest wishes,


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